Stop the Stigma

It seems fitting to be writing about this topic, seeing as it’s World Mental Health Day. But in this day and age, I find it devastating that so many people across the world suffer in silence. Mental Health was never really anything I knew about when growing up. It wasn’t mentioned throughout school and was … More Stop the Stigma

September Goals

Can you believe it’s already the ninth month of the year?! We’re three quarters of the way through 2018 and it’s only 114 until Christmas (apologies to all you Grinches out there). I can’t help but feel a bit deflated about this year so far. Simply because I’ve let myself become distracted from what’s really … More September Goals

Travel Plans

I can’t believe just how long it’s been since my last post. I’ve missed writing so much! I hadn’t intended to take such a long break. I feel like so much has happened, but at the same time everything is the same… Anyway, I wanted to come on this evening and share some exciting news in … More Travel Plans

June Goals

It feels like only a couple of weeks ago that I was writing up my May goals, yet here we are, starting another new month. Now I’ll be honest, May definitely wasn’t my best month but let’s see if I met my goals. 1.5 stone award. I did manage to get my 1.5 stone certificate, … More June Goals