New Name. New Look. Same Me.

Welcome to my new, and soon to be improved, blog site.

For those of you who have followed me so far, you’ll know I’ve been blogging for almost a year about my divorce, a new relationship, the loss of my Nan, battling depression & anxiety, binge-eating disorder and the most amazing trip to Disneyland. For anyone who hadn’t followed that, now you’re all caught up.

But why did I decide to delete all my content, change my name and start over?

To put it simply, I wanted all of my social media platforms to be aligned. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a Youtube channel and already have my Instagram which was used primarily for my weight loss, but everything felt disjointed.

With plans in place to go to Orlando next year, this seemed like the perfect time to kickstart our channel (yes, Nick is on board with me) and align my platforms accordingly. I will now be sharing everything on all platforms under Life of Kay.

My blog willย  feature an array of topics from weight loss to saving tips, my career goals to yoga; you name it, I’ll write about it.
My Instagram will play host to not only some amazing Slimming World meal ideas but also some of my day-to-day life and even a giveaway or two (stay tuned).

I’m excited to start this new journey and hope you will all enjoy coming along for the ride. You can find the links to my socials at the bottom of this page.



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