My May Goals

May calendar18
Can you believe it’s May tomorrow already??

This is year is going by crazy-fast and before we know it we’ll be whacking out the ‘C’ word.
I mean Christmas!

So as another month draws to a close, I’m taking some time to reflect on the goals I set for April and how I got on.

  • Get back to my pre-Christmas weight. For those of you who have followed my journey so far, you’ll know I lost just over 1stone in the run up to my holiday in October. Then over Christmas and another holiday, I managed to put it all back on + 1lb (oops). Anyway, I needed to lose 7.5lb to get back to my previous weight and I lost a total of 8lb this month
  • Run 3x per week. I have really found a new love for running. I won’t lie, it is difficult being so overweight but I feel so good when I run, so it’s worth it for me. This month I have recorded 13 sessions on my Nike Run Club app so just about scraped this one!
  • No off-plan days. I knew this one would be a challenge. Even though I’ve been so focused, the idea of being 100% on plan for 30 consecutive days seemed tough. All in all, I managed 29 on-plan days so I’m counting that as a success (woooo)

Now it’s time to shift focus to May. We’ve got two Bank Holiday weekends, one of which we’re away for, but that’s about it. So what have I set out to achieve…

  • 1.5stone award. I need 5lb to reach my 1.5stone which should be achievable this month. Obviously I’d love to lose more but keeping it realistic with being away. But hey, anything extra is a bonus! habit quote
  • Run 3x per week. I’m going to include this goal again just to keep me consistent. Habits take time to develop so gotta keep working for it.
  • Complete at least 2 Parkruns. I’ve recently started up with Parkrun, which put on weekly 5k runs all across the UK. My local one is only a 10min walk from my house so no excuses really.
  • Blog once a week. As I’m getting back in to blogging, setting it as a goal is a good way to keep me on track. Again, more than once a week would be great but let’s start simple.
  • No off-plan days. Again, keeping this one for another month to help make a habit. We are away for the second Bank Holiday as we’re off to Harry Potter Studios, so this will be a struggle but might as well go for it!

So that’s it for my May Goals.
With 8 weeks left until Summer is officially here, let’s make this a good one.

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