10 Ways: Preparing for Summer

I love how I’m sitting outside while I write this. It’s bank holiday weekend and for the first time in ages, the sun has made an appearance.
In just seven short weeks, summer will be in full swing (summer solstice) so now we start to panic???

Here are my top 10 tips of getting ready for summer, whether you’re out of school, off on holiday or just living the weekends!

Start drinking more water. Now. water bottle
Hydration will always always always be my top tip. I really believe it can help with literally anything; weight loss, skin, mood etc. It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially in the sun, so you really need to up your water game. Keep a refillable bottle with you at all times and aim to drink a minimum of 2 litres a day; you’ll stay in tip-top shape and will help save the environment by stopping those disposable bottles.

Set realistic weight loss goals.
We’ve all been there before. Waiting until the week before an event to decide we need to lose about two stone, and coming up to summer is never any different. It’s on that horrible transition from stodgy winter food when you feel bloated all the time and you’re not looking a million bucks with your pasty-white skin. Yep, that’s me right about now. But it’s important to be realistic when you’re thinking of braving those new mini shorts or a bikini for the first time in six months. No matter what your goals are or what you achieve, it’s more important to be kind to yourself. You can rock a bikini at any size!

Get your tan on. tan
If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend the year resembling either a ghost or a lobster… As you’re going to be spending a lot more time outside in the sun, you need to get your skin prepared. Buy sun lotion around about now (I’ve learned the hard way and burned twice already this weekend). Start with a higher factor so your skin gets used to it; by summer you’ll be on the tanning oils. If you’re off on holiday, a great way to prepare your skin is with a sunbed. Just use it sensibly and follow the recommendations of the salon based on your skin tone and tendencies to burn etc.
And if all that fails, there’s always fake tan. I’m a big lover of the tan in a bottle! My favourite is the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan mousse (pictured). I use the Original Brown Shade and leave it to develop for one – two hours depending on how dark I want it.
As always, please be safe in the sun.

Book in your treatments.
We all like to look and feel our best on our holidays or even just to spend time in the sun. Sadly, everyone else has the same idea so salons book up in advance. Now is the best time to get your lashes done, get a wax or touch up those brows. You’ll also get first dibs on those repeat bookings just in time for summer.
If salon treatments just aren’t your thing, now is also a great time get to dust off the razor after winter, start exfoliating and keep moisturised.

Overhaul your wardrobe.
Every six months I love going through my wardrobe and getting everything in order. I can put all my winter clothes into storage (or the back of the wardrobe) and bring out all those summer clothes. I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to clothes and tend not to cling on to much have a three-step system when sorting through: toss take
1. Keep –  As long as they fit me, are in good condition and have been worn within 12 months, they’re staying. I’ve got all my old faithfuls  as well as new pieces I’ve picked up, and I use this same system for both my summer and my winter clothes.
2. Donate – Anything that no longer fits me or hasn’t been worn but is still in good condition will be bagged up and donated to charity. This is great way of knowing my once-loved pieces will be going to a good cause.
3. Bin – This is for all the clothes that are now too worn or are just not in a good overall condition. Thankfully there’s not too many bits I throw away as I sort through so often but there’s always a top I’ve kept hold of for far too long!

Have a spring clean.
In keeping with the theme from the last tip, summer is a great time to have a thorough clean. I bring out the summer bedding, clear out the bedside tables and dust off my make-up shelf. I’ll also do a tip run to get rid of any rubbish that’s been cluttering up the house and just to give it a generally ‘cleaner’ feel. Obviously this is stuff we do all the time, but I love setting aside a whole day just to do a bit of a spruce.

Get your nails done. yellow nails
There is something about infills and a fresh colour that just doesn’t compare to anything else. I love the transition from winter shades / nudes going in to something a bit brighter. This time I have gone for the brightest yellow they did and honestly…. I LOVE THEM!!

Get your hair did.
Again, ain’t nothing like a fresh trim and colour touch-up to make yourself feel great. Summer is a great time to try something new or take the plunge and go for a style you’ve wanted to try for a while. After all, you can always tie it up if you don’t like it. I decided to go a bit shorter when I had my hair done last week and am loving it.

Get outdoors.
There are so many amazing things to see and there’s no better time than when the sun is shining. The best way to make the most of your holiday, summer break or even a day off is to get out and do something. Dust off your bike and pack a picnic, go for a walk along the beach and stop for an ice cream, take a nice long drive in your convertible car (this is what you’ll find me doing alllll summer long), or even just go to a friends for a barbecue and drinks in the sun.

Treat yo self!
No matter what your plans are for summer, make sure you take time for yourself and do something for you. Whether it be a quiet afternoon in the garden with a book, exploring a new hobby or doing something crazy like a skydive! There is no time like the present and no excuses when the sun is out.

Most importantly, have fun! Don’t worry if you don’t hit your weight loss goal or you’re a bit pale. Stuff that and enjoy yourself!!

Much love xoxo

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