Hydration: A Not-So-Secret Weapon

It’s no secret that water has some of the biggest health benefits, but for me it is literally the answer to everything.
water solves all problems
Nick will often come to me and say “I’ve got a headache” or “My skin hasn’t been great” or “I haven’t had much energy today” and I will always, always respond with; have you drank enough water? It’s become a running joke in our house.

I honestly can’t go more than an hour without having a drink. I don’t have a lot of tea/coffee (and it’ll normally be green tea when I do), not a big fan of squash, and I try to avoid fizzy drinks during the week, so water is my go-to.Β  I’m also one of those annoying people who believe that most medication is completely unnecessary, so before taking painkillers for something like a headache I will drink a litre of water.

For me, drinking around 2 litres of water has become habit. I keep water with me pretty much wherever I go; a bottle stays at work and one stays by my bed and a cup stays downstairs. I do feel thirsty a lot of the time so I always need to have some to hand.

Not only do I know for sure that water helps with headaches, energy levels, skin and mood, I am also certain that it plays a bit role in my weight loss journey. There is plenty of research to back this up; just typing in ‘water and weight loss’ into Google will bring up more information than you could ever need. It is a known appetite suppressant as well as helping to speed up your metabolism.

If I’ve had a bad day (with my food), have gone over my syns or have had a bit of a binge, I’ll increase my water intake straight away. This just flushes my system a bit and has been known to help with my results on the scales. I’m not claiming water can balance out a bad diet but it will definitely help after a cheat meal.

It can seem hard to get into the habit of drinking enough water so here’s what I do to keep me on track: water bottle2

  • Getting a cute reusable bottle. I have several refillable bottles with the little milestones of how much you need to have drank each hour. You can pick them up for a few quid in places like Home Bargain and they are really good for motivating you to keep drinking.
  • Keep a bottle to hand. Having water within reach is the best way to make sure you’re drinking. So many times I’ve left my bottle at home and it’s just ‘out of sigh out of mind’.
  • Add some flavour. If you’re really not a fan of plain water, or just not fancying it, add a drop of some no added sugar squash. You could even add some fresh fruit such as lemon, strawberries or cucumber for a refreshing twist. This will still keep you hydrated.
  • Use an app or set a reminder. I tend not to do this so much now, as drinking is just part of my normal day, but I definitely relied on this in the beginning. There are tonnes of apps you can download or just set a reminder on your phone/computer. Most smart/fitness watches also come with an hourly reminder to get up, so I try and tie this in with having a drink.
  • Take water to bed. I am naturally a night pee-er but found I always felt thirsty when I woke up in the night. I’ve now started having a big drink before I go to bed (I’m gonna be up to pee anyway so what’s the difference) and I keep water beside my bed so I can have a drink when I do wake through the night.

All this talk of water as really made me thirsty… but I hope this helps

Much love xoxo

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