10 Ways: to Rise & Shine

Who here could sleep in alllll morning?? Definitely me!
But with a full time job, a demanding home life or a busy social schedule (or all of the above), sometimes we just need to beat the morning blues and get ahead of the game.

I, for one, am not a fan of waking up any earlier than absolutely necessary, which has caught me out a few times. Here are few tips I’ve learned to make leaving your bed a teeny-tiny bit easier.

The night before

Get a good night sleep.
Sounds like the most obvious one, right? There are so many factors to getting good quality sleep but I put mine down to the following: keeping the room cool (we use a fan in the summer), maintaining clean sheets, putting down devices & turn off the TV 15/20 mins before going to sleep, having some water and going for a wee (to sleep as long as possible before I wake up bursting again).

Keep it consistent. sleepy
One of the best ways to get a good night sleep and wake up early is to make a habit out of it. By training your body to sleep and wake at the same time will make getting out of bed second nature. It’s hard to keep these habits going in to the weekend but the results will definitely pay off; not to mention how much you’ll get done at the crack of dawn on a weekend.

Set a realistic alarm.
This one also sounds obvious but is a mistake I have made too many times. Most people have every intention of waking up super early to have breakfast, do their hair or even go for a run, but when the alarm is buzzing at 05:00 that motivation is severely lacking. On the flip-side of this, you get people who want to sleep longer so they set the latest alarm possible, snooze when it goes off and end up running late. Take some time to think about how early you really do need to wake up, consider if you will really want to spend 45 minutes showering, blow drying and straightening your hair at 06:00 and set an alarm accordingly.

Put your phone/alarm out of reach.
Now this doesn’t need to be the other side of the room or across an obstacle course to get to, but consider putting the phone just out of reach. Try putting it to the far end of the nightstand or even on the other side of the bed just so you can’t snooze or turn off your alarm before you’re actually awake.

Plan your day the night before. 
I don’t know about you, but my brain can barely comprehend the simplest of tasks at 06:00, let alone prioritising the tasks for the day. At that time of the morning, most people’s brains will choose sleep over pretty much anything. To get around this, plan your day or write a simple to-do list before you go to bed. That way you can’t wiggle out of doing that P1 task first thing in the morning by laying in bed.

In the morning

Let in some light. waking up
Open the curtains, switch on the lights or turn on the TV when your alarm goes off. This will help your body come round more naturally and will help stop you falling back to sleep. You could also invest in a Sunrise alarm clock which simulates natural light and wakes you up gently.

Have a drink.
As always, my answer to everything is water! Having a glass of water will give you a boost of energy and will help kick start your metabolism. You could also try this with a slice of lemon. Alternatively, a cup of tea will do the trick. Having a drink is also likely to wake up your bladder, and we all know it’s impossible to sleep when nature calls.

Plan a yummy breakfast.
There’s nothing like waking up knowing you’ve got a fry-up of pancake stack on the cards. Try getting up early enough to make your favourite breakfast or prepare something the night before that you can look forward to. If you really don’t have time to eat in the mornings, try getting up early enough to make a a coffee to go!

Make a splash.
If you’re struggling to bring yourself out of sleep, try having a shower, washing your face or brushing your teeth as soon as your alarm goes off. This will snap you out of the snooze and ticks the first couple things off your list when getting ready. I’m usually bursting for a wee when I wake up so try and tie these all in together.

Get moving. 
Heading to the gym or going for a run is sure to shake us out of sleep mode, but I’m not about that life. Just a few gentle stretches from the warmth of your bed will help wake up your muscles and your brain. It doesn’t need to be anything too strenuous, even some deep breaths will do the trick.

These are tried and tested methods (by yours truly) but if all else fails, oversleeping and running late never fails to shock you awake!!

Much love xoxo

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