Weight Loss: Set Backs & Success

For pretty much all of my adult life, I have been on-again-off-again ‘dieting’ of some variety, each time coming back to Slimming World. This seems to be the only plan that works for me.

It’s actually quite disheartening when I think about all the missed/wasted opportunities over the years and how I’m still on this journey. People have literally lost the equivalent of me in the space of a year and I’m still messing around trying to lose even a third of that.

But one thing I have learned over the many many years of dieting, is that there will always be hurdles and set backs. Some will have more than others, but we will all have them.trying

Yes, it’s disappointing that I’m still not at my target weight but it’s ok. You know why? Because I still haven’t given up. That’s the only time you can ever really fail at anything; when you stop trying.

This time around, I feel like things have fallen into place and I am finally ready to fully commit to my weight loss journey. Not just because I want to, or because I feel I have to, but because I am truly ready. I am focused and motivated and in control.

But just because I am ‘ready’ doesn’t mean I am an angel 100% of the time. Just this weekend I’ve hit a bump in the road and given into temptation. The only difference this time around is that I am still in control. I am aware of the decisions I am making but am strong enough to draw the line. I can allow myself to indulge because I know that the rest of the time I am making the right choices. If I go into group this week and see a gain, that’s ok because I know exactly why and what to do to fix that next week.

No matter who you are, you can never be 100% on plan 100% of the time. I envy those who are like 98% but one of my biggest values is still enjoying life. What’s a weekend without an occasional takeaway? What’s a holiday without a few too many drinks?

I have been ‘in the zone’ since the start of March and have lost one and half stone since then. I maintained one week and gained half a pound another, the rest of my weigh-ins have been losses. I honestly believe that allowing myself a treat every now and again has helped me stay so consistent. It’s not every week and I don’t have an allocated treat day, but I do have an off-plan meal once in a while. This way, I’m not depriving myself of anything and there am less likely to fall completely off the wagon and binge for a few days.

Different things work for different people so it’s important to find out what works for you. Some people have a cheat meal after their weekly weight in. Some use their syns flexibly to allow them to indulge more on the weekends for example.

Just make sure that whatever you do, you don’t give up. Overcoming the hurdles makes the success worth it. And trust me, it will be worth it!



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