10 Ways: Me Time

As I spoke about in my previous post, I’m trying to be kinder to myself. Nick was away last night, so it was a perfect opportunity to have a bit of ‘me time’.

Making time to take care of yourself is so important. It allows us to recharge, even if only for a few minutes, and can help us regain control of whatever situation we are faced with. So here are a few great ways to squeeze it in.

Have a bath
This has got to be my favourite way to relax. I’ll normally do it when Nick is out so I can get some peace and I don’t have to worry about how long I’m in there. I love a scalding hot bath with a Lush bath bomb, some nice relaxing music or a good book and a cup of green tea. If you’ve not got a bath or are pushed for time, I find a nice hot shower with a luxurious shower gel does the trick.

Stretch it out yoga-2
Another way I love to take some time out is by doing yoga. I’m not any good at it but getting out my yoga mat and doing a few basic stretches is just the best. I do this either when Nick is out or in our bedroom just to have a few minutes to myself. If I’ve got a lot of time I’ll follow a Youtube video; if not I’ll refer to a really basic yoga routine as pictured. If I’m really pushed for time I’ll just do a few simple stretches in the morning and take a few deep breaths using the ‘breathe’ app on my Apple Watch.

Gratitude Journal
This isn’t a method I use daily but one I like to use now and again. You can do this in an actual journal or just using your phone, but take a few minutes to make a note of two or three things (or more if you can) you were grateful for today. This is a great way of choosing to look for the positive in every day.

Take a nap
As if anyone needs permission, or an excuse, to take a nap. I would honestly take a nap every single day if I could (or if I was 4 years old again). I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than getting in to bed with your pants and a t-shirt on in the middle of the day, when the curtains are drawn but it’s still so bright in the room. Pure bliss!

Plug in your headphones
If you’re like me and get frustrated with people talking around you or general noise, putting on some music or an audio book through headphones is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of normal life. This gives you a tiny piece of quietness when on a bus/train, out shopping or even on your lunch break at work.

Make the most of housework
This is one of the very few times I could say I’m ‘relaxing’ when doing some of the most boring jobs in the world. I’m not one of those weirdos who find housework enjoyable, but if I’ve got some tunes on, then I’ll be having a whale of a time. And for most of you, I’m sure the other half just wouldn’t want to impose on your sacred time out (aka do any housework).

Book a treatment 
Having an actual appointment to attend is the best excuse to escape everything for a little while. If it’s booked in, then its official and no one can get in the way. I get my nails done every three weeks and my eyelashes done every two weeks, each which take about an hour. So for one hour I’ve not got to worry about who’s cooking dinner, how much laundry needs doing or sitting through another football match!

Get outdoors running
Exercise really is the best natural endorphin. I’ve recently got in to running and love just switching off for a while to focus on something that makes me feel great. Even when I’m out with my local running group, I’m still taking time for myself. If you’re not a runner, try cycling or rollerblading or walking the dog. In the summer, I also usually try and go for a quick 20 minute walk on my lunch break (definitely need to start doing this again now). Any fresh air for even the shortest amount of time will make you feel great!

Favourite movie
If I’ve got a good couple of hours to myself, especially of an evening, I love to stick on one of my all time favourite movies. These are films that Nick doesn’t really enjoy so I don’t watch them very often, but when I do it makes me so happy. I also try to tie this in with a little DIY pamper session, so I’ll put on a face mask, maybe give myself a pedicure and get some treats in. My two go-to movies for this kind of thing are Sex and the City and Erin Brockovich.

Have an early night
It’s easy to get run down after a busy couple of days at work or a couple of late nights, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough rest. I can normally tell when I’m getting tired as I get irritable (I’m sure Nick will vouch for that), but even when I know you need rest, it’s hard to do something about it. I’ve found that taking myself off to bed early really helps. Every now and again I’ll go up 30-60 minutes before Nick, depending on what he’s watching or what time he’s off to work in the morning. I don’t always go straight to bed; I’ll take off my makeup and cleanse & moisturise my face, I’ll then sit on my phone for a bit and read some of my book. I do try and get to sleep before Nick comes to bed but only so I’m not distracted again.

I hope this helps you find a way to snag a few minutes to yourself




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