Back on the Wagon: Game Plan

It’s true what people say, nothing can get you in a certain mindset.

Nick and I seem to be a bit on and off recently with eating healthily and working out. We were on the wind-down ahead of our weekend away a couple of weeks ago and since then, haven’t managed to get fully back in the zone.

We have both made good decisions where possible but have also had a few takeaways and some treats. I’ve been poorly and we’ve had a lot going on so food really hasn’t been our top priority.

I also haven’t been running since my Couch to 5k graduation. I’ve not had the energy or the inclination, although I want to get back out running soon (hopefully this week or early next week).

I put on 1lb this week at group but I’m feeling down about it. I’m 1lb above my lightest weight so I know I’m not far off being light again.

So I’ve been thinking about how to get back in the zone and here’s my game plan…

  • Drink more water – always helps with damage limitation
  • Get back to green tea – another thing that helps with my weight loss
  • Stick to my evening meal plan – if I force myself to cook good meals, at least we’ll have a healthy evening meal and leftovers for lunch
  • Stock up on healthy snacks – I’m always tempted by crisps/chocolate when I’m hungry so if I keep plenty of snacks on me, hopefully I’ll stick to that
  • Start slow – I think I’d struggle with a 5k after not running for a couple of weeks, so I’m gonna start with a 15 minute jog and build it back up
  • Cut myself some slack – at the moment I’m just going with the flow and not putting too much pressure on myself

I’ve got six days until I next weigh in and I’d love to get that 1lb off that I gained this week.

Fingers crossed…


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