Emotional Eating Journal: Day 5 – 9

Apologies for the delay in updating the journal; I’ve been battling two broken laptops (insert crying face)

Anyway, here are the next few days’ entries of my emotional eating journal

Day 5
List 10 things you are grateful for today
1. another day
2. my health
3. my family and friends – who have been there through the best and worst times
4. Nick – for bringing the light back to my life
5. my mistakes – for leading me onto the right path
6. my home – easy to take for granted but not everyone is so lucky
7. time – as it’s a weekend, Nick and I have a bit more time to spend together
8. my sister – my number one sidekick, always
9. technology – for enable me to connect with people all over the world
10. today I am grateful for Netflix – for getting me away from the football (lol)

Day 6
When you look in the mirror, you feel?
This is a tough one as I’m very 50/50. Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel confident and beautiful. Other times I look in the mirror and wonder how I let this happen. I do believe that beauty starts from within and am learning to love myself a lot more. I’d say I feel confident on more days than not, but it’s still a learning process.

Day 7
What have you learned about your patterns when reviewing your entries so far?
I definitely see that some days are better than others. I have noticed that I feel better about myself and more confident etc when I have been on plan. I also know that the weekends tend to be my downfall.

Day 8
Describe the last time you had the type of fun that made you smile for a few days.
Honestly, I can barely remember what happened yesterday? Having said that, I have never had more fun than when I’m with Nick. It doesn’t even come down to a particular stand-out moment, but every day there is just so much laughter. I love that we have these intimate moments where we just laugh at something so ridiculous and it’s things like that I’ll find myself smiling about for days.

Day 9
What would your ideal day of health look like? What do you need to do to achieve this?
As I’ve said before, I feel at my best when I’ve had a completely on-plan day. Whilst this is one of my top ‘health’ priorities, it’s not the only one. To be totally healthy, I need to be able to manage my stress/well being and focus on my relationships.
So to achieve my ‘pinnacle of healthy day’ I need to ensure I have planned and prepared my meals in advance. That way I will be satisfied at work and won’t be tempted to buy chocolate. I will also have dinner planned when I get home so I’m not fussing about what to cook or if I have the right ingredients.
Where possible, I will make a point to go for a walk on my lunch break to get some fresh air and have a proper screen break.
I will also make sure Nick and I have 30 minutes, maybe in the evening or before we go to sleep, to have a chat without phones/tv.

It’s actually a lot harder to write about this than I thought. When I think about it, emotional eating is actually very personal as we tend to conceal it for so long. I feel like I’m sharing some of the most intimate thoughts & feelings and whilst I’m trying to be as honest as possible, I’m finding it hard.

Either way, hope some of you guys can relate


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