Travel Plans

I can’t believe just how long it’s been since my last post. I’ve missed writing so much!

I hadn’t intended to take such a long break. I feel like so much has happened, but at the same time everything is the same…

Anyway, I wanted to come on this evening and share some exciting news in terms of my travel plans over the coming months *insert super happy face*

Firstly, I have booked a girls trip to Disneyland Paris for November. Me and three friends from work are heading over for a long weekend. We fly out from Exeter on Friday 23 November 2018 and return on Sunday 25 November.

We’re only having a couple of days there but are staying at Santa Fe (Disney property) so can definitely make the most of the parks as I think we also get Extra Magic Hours?? And as we’re flying, we don’t have to worry about driving etc or hiring a car over there.

At the moment we don’t have anything planned but will be having all of our meals there. So we will be eating in the parks and also in the little Disney village.

keep calm disneySecondly… And this is slightly bigger news… Nick and I have finally booked our trip to Disneyworld Orlando!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been talking about this for two years and finally got round to actually organising it. We don’t go until 9 May 2019 so still have plenty of time to save for spending money etc.

So far we have booked our flights; Virgin Atlantic. Leaving 9 May 2019 returning 23 May 2019. And we have booked our hotel; Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando.

We still have to book our car hire, park tickets, Character breakfast and airport parking & hotel the night before. But at least the two biggest things are booked and paid for!

I will definitely be sharing more details of what I’m booking, what we’re planning (costs, itineraries etc) and obviously will be posting details when we’re away!

Sorry it’s only a quick catch up. I’ll be back to posting as normal this week 🙂

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