How Do You Stop The Spiral?!

If you’re looking for the answer to the question in this title, you’re definitely in the wrong place. I wish I knew the formula, however I most definitely have not figured it out yet (I’ll keep you posted when I do).

I feel like I’m in this place every few months…

It’s not like I don’t want it. I was this more than I can say. I long for the day that I get feel comfortable in a pair of jeans, or pick an outfit off the shelf and know I will look good in it. I cant wait until I can wear nice running gear or until I am confident wearing a swim suit. I pray that I won’t have to worry about fitting in the rides in Disneyworld next year.

I know what I need to do to loose weight. I know how to do the things I need. I have all the tools I need to do it. But for whatever reason, I just can’t seem to actually do it.

I have also been suffering with my anxiety again these past couple weeks. I can’t pin-point exactly what is triggering it at the moment, and I feel like it’s under control for now, but I need to reign it in before it gets any worse.

But there is a glimmer of hope at the bottom of all of this. I am determined. if you want something you have never had

Although I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been in this situation, I have never given up. In all honesty, I’d rather be in this cycle of being dedicated and falling off the wagon every now and again, than just completely giving up.

Taking some time this weekend has helped me to re-evaluate my goals, my motivations and my reasons both for and against continuing this.

So, armed with a fresh meal plan and enough fruit & veg to sink a battleship, I’m committing to a 100% on plan week! There, I said it; it’s out there in black & white.

In the lead up to Christmas (yes, it’s less than 12 weeks now) I have decided to blind weigh. My book will stay at my group so I’m not tempted to look. I’m hoping it will help take the pressure off and will allow me to focus on something other than the number on the scale. For now, I’ll be aiming for 100% weeks, extra body magic, increasing my ‘speed’ foods and looking at inches lost.

I know I’m not the only one experiencing something like this; there have been many before me and will be many more along the way.

So if you are struggling to keep the focus, or need a bit of encouragement, here it is. DO NOT GIVE UP. We are bound only by the walls we build ourselves. I hate how cliche this is, but it’s so true.

It is inevitable that we will face challenges and set-backs. But it’s important we don’t give up, no matter what.

you are lovely

2 thoughts on “How Do You Stop The Spiral?!

  1. Kay read Slim for Life , escape the diet trap by Jason Vale!! You can get it on Amazon. It’s not a diet plan but really makes you open your eyes about food and the diet industry! After years of trying to ‘diet’ I now have a different attitude about food. I’m not perfect and still wander but still feel in control! Good luck x

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